Syntec are London-based contractors and shopfitters, who work right across the new-build, refurbishment and interiors spectrum, from high-end residential to social housing and from high-street fashion to cutting-edge bars and restaurants.

'Not many companies cover both the high end and the lower end of the market and get equal satisfaction from both sets of clients, as they do.'(Danny Lynch, Regional Development Director, A2 Dominion Group)


We have four directors - Ronan Bourke, Tiernan Bourke, Declan Mac Gabhann and Pat Meagher, with dedicated project managers and project teams - each of whom brings a different skill-set to bear on our work.

'The structure of four directors responsible for different aspects of work is great and gives them a broader view.'(Dean Cass, Studio E)


With expertise, flexibility, a can-do attitude, a continual respect for commercial realities and a total commitment to both build quality and client satisfaction.

'They see their end result as our end result.'(Neil Lawson, Head of Facilities, Esprit)


'The quality of work is very high.'(Dean Cass, Studio E)

'We always know they will go that extra mile to deliver on time.'(Murray Aitken, Director, Brinkworth)

'The end result looks exactly as we wanted it to.'(Ollie Dabbous, Chef & Owner, Dabbous)

Syntec offers clients full and seamless services in programming, management and project implementation.

'As contractors, they offer solutions rather than presenting me, as the architect, with problems.'(Dean Cass, Studio E)

As we work across different markets, we are not set in our ways and we adapt quickly to new clients and new ways of doing things.

'They are quick to pick up on the culture of the company they're working for.'(Neil Lawson, Head of Facilities, Esprit)

We are characterised by our broad knowledge and flexible approach; not only before a project starts, but also once the real challenges start - on site.

'They don't just shrug their shoulders when there's a problem. They're very pro-active.'(Danny Lynch, Regional Development Director, A2 Dominion Group)

We are also team workers with highly-trained staff and are known for being polite and professional at all times.

'We even got our commercial neighbours saying that the conduct of the contractors had been exemplary!'(Neil Lawson, Head of Facilities, Esprit)

At Syntec, we believe we are leaders in our field. Why? Because we look to evolve constantly via new methods and materials which will help you, our client, maintain a market edge. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce on-site time, but even after we pack up and go, we are always there for our clients.

'Their aftercare was really good. If anything went wrong, they sent the same person who installed the item and it was sorted - with no fee.'(Ollie Dabbous, Chef & Owner, Dabbous)